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Hello World

28 Jun

This is my first post here and no one would probably read it anyway, so here goes…

I’m just a regular girl with a regular job who likes a variety of things. Some people may regard me as weird because I’m usually passionate about the things that I really love. I like doing a lot of things and I would have done more if I could only afford them! Sometimes I wish that we could go back to the old days when things are so much simpler. Maybe we wouldn’t want a lot of things too. By things I’m not just saying material things. With the kind of technology today, we get to see and learn more. And knowing all of these things, I guess it makes us want to buy more, do more, learn more… etc. It also means we got to spend a whole lot more. Here are the things I really like, doesn’t mean that I get to do them a lot, I just get by you know.

1. Music

2. Sports – I like watching ice hockey (NHL) and tennis

3. Pets – Dogs are my favorites, but I like cats too.

4. Travel

5. Movies, TV

6. Books

7. Going out, having fun, just seeing new things, places, tasting new food, etc.

Anyway, I’m just going to keep this short. Hope I’ll make new friends in the next couple of days.